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Recreational Habits

RH Polo Clinic - Weekend 1: April 10

RH Polo Clinic - Weekend 1: April 10

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The Recreational Habits Polo Clinic is a perfect opportunity for any rider to learn the fundamentals in the game of polo.

As adults, and people of color, we too have longed to play the game of polo, but never had the opportunity to participate. We did not grow up riding horses or being around them, let alone riding with a mallet in our hand. So now as avid polo players, and after connecting with other polo players like us, we want to invite YOU to play this beautiful sport with us together.

At our clinic, we strive to create a comfortable environment for new riders to learn how to play polo by utilizing our vetted coaches and having a diverse staff to help and encourage you along the way. There is no judgement here!

Each clinic will be specialized for the rider, with lessons on how to prepare your horse, how to ride, and how to play. If you choose to sign up for a second or third (or fourth!) clinic with us, know you’ll be honing your skills and playing a real chukker (aka game) at the end of your clinic.


After purchase someone from our team will reach out to you to confirm your size details for fitting. 


Please visit our Polo Clinic Home Page for more information. 

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