Welcome To Our World

We created Recreational Habits to bring the exclusive world of the preppy elite and their hobbies to the historically excluded. We believe that all people, regardless of color, should be able to experience the joys of Recreational sport and living, from equitation to golf, to hosting and galas. Our hope is to knock down country clubs’ unspoken bias, and rewrite the rules unapologetically with our new content based website.


recreational habits founders Marlon and Jackie Skye Muller

Meet Our Team

Jackie Skye Muller serves as Editor and Creative Director for RH. Raised in Dallas, Texas and educated in New York City, Jackie has an urban point of view with a southern charm. She believes in bringing the rustic, fresh-air experience to people of color by creating inclusive opportunities for recreational activities through the RH platform. She is passionate about fostering abandoned animals and providing opportunities for inner city students to learn more about the world through working with horses.

Previously, Jackie was the Women’s Director at Kith and the Associate Fashion Director of Barneys New York.


Marlon Muller provides the masculine inspiration for Recreational Habits and serves as the President of the brand and it’s affiliates. Known to some to be a very private man, he uses RH as a platform to share his tastes and affinity for horse culture. As an African American who grew up in 1980’s New York, Marlon was deeply moved by the city’s culture and history which he brings to influence RH’s country lifestyle. His past and his passion for beautiful products and experiences results in an completely unique point of view.